StART Art Korea is launching a StART+ Exhibition at its new Songdong-gu gallery. The exhibition titled ‘London X Seoul, The Art of Neon’ will be Mark Slopers first solo show in Korea from 23 Feb - 12 Mar 2023.

When British punk rock bands took over London’s cultural scene in the 1970s, Mark became drawn to the punk subculture, eventually becoming close friends with some of the movement's pioneers and troubadours.

Mark then went on to work as a cameraman and a director of photography for some high-profile bands before joining the BBC. His filming experiences, along with his friend and fellow neon artist Chris Bracey, inspired Mark to create the Illuminati Neon brand.

His latest release, 'Elizabeth II' celebrates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's strength, beauty and years of dedicated service to the nation the hand embellished portrait showcases his signature punk-style

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