Ivan Shalmin received rigorous, old-fashioned training in drawing and painting, as an integral part of his architectural degree in Russia, at the Kyibishev Institute of Engineering and Construction.

In the 1980s, Ivan was an active member of the Russian paper architecture movement and the conceptual works that he has produced during this period are still touring across the globe today.

In 2016, he began to produce digital abstract paintings, or ‘paintings without paint’, as he calls them. Made using pure colour and an RGB brush, his works are formless, raw feelings, communicated through explosions of colour. The aim is to evoke an emotional response and to convey subtle imagery from his own subconscious to that of the viewer.

Ivan is also a multi-award winning architect, lighting and furniture designer. Attention to detail, specialist technical knowledge and experimentation with new materials are the defining qualities that run through all of his works.

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