The UK’s most international art fair brings StART+ to Cape Town to spotlight contemporary South African art

Venue: 131A Gallery, Woodstock, Cape Town

Opening Hours: 8 - 12 March 2022, 10am-4pm, All other times by appointment only.

Press release: Download the press release here



StART+ LONDON is a curated selection of works by StART art fair artists that will have an extended exhibition period, from 20 Oct - 10 Nov 2022 at The ARX, a new gallery space bringing together art, technology, superlative craft and design. 

Participating artists: HENRY LAU, Ohnim, Yooyeon, Chris Fallows, Pedro Merry, Steve Smith, Marie Jordan, Harti, David Magee, Mark Beattie, Bassa, Palm, Tommy Fiendish, Pedro Sousa Lauro, Matt Small, Mai Yononama, Thierry Noir and Welbart Slowhands.

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm Thursdays and Saturdays. All other times by appointment only.

StART+ is StART Art Global’s latest initiative that aims to further the careers and provide important international exposure for emerging artists.  The series of curated selling exhibitions includes artworks that have been selected from StART Art Global’s extensive roster of independent artists and galleries. Each iteration presents a snapshot of the global contemporary art world today.  StART+ enables artists to introduce their works to collectors, influencers, media and art-world figures in iconic, international locations including, London, New York, Zurich and Seoul. 



The ARX is a new gallery space bringing together art, technology, superlative craft, and design. Within the walls of our physical and virtual galleries reside rarities that regularly amaze. The ARX is a space for creative collaboration amongst digital and traditional artists, allowing talent to cross over into each others realms. We work with emerging and established talent all over the world to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds of art. We help connect artists with art collectors, buyers and investors and enable them to exhibit physical representations of their digital works in our gallery in London and soon-to-open in New York.

Spread over 15,000 sq ft, an appointment-only space provides an inspirational vision for luxury living that includes everything from home cinema to art – and beyond. A tempting array of Objets de desir from bespoke art commissions and rare, luxury collectibles.

The ARX provides discerning art lovers with the opportunity to build their collection with expert guidance to navigate the complex contemporary art world in both a physical and virtual NFT luxury art space.

Look out for our incredible new artworks and their drop dates or request your own private viewing. The opportunity to acquire these unique pieces is something that any art lover should not miss.