Exhibiting Artist: Hana Shahnavaz

Hana Shahnavaz is a British-Iranian painter best known for her vibrant large-scale paintings, which are characterised by an abundance of exquisite detail. Her work celebrates ancestral knowledge of healing in unison with the Earth, told through stories inspired by ancient Persian mythology, folklore, and traditional literature.

Honouring the earth and healing our home is juxtaposed with jewel-like handmade paints. These are created from a variety of materials including earth, minerals, plants, and modern pigments. Light dances over the paint using diamond dust, crystals, and gold; dynamic movement contrasting with the stillness of pigment.

Shahnavaz’s work that this planet and beyond is made up of vibrating particles of energy, emanating from one Source. She explores this theme of 'connection' through a colourful tapestry of stories. This focus on living in partnership with each other and the land that nurtures us is expressed through intricate scenes of nature. These portray the relationship between the individual and the immensity of the Earth as a whole, whilst bringing the magic back into life.

This exhibition is generously supported by Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF).

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