Exhibiting Artist: Olivier Mourao

Brazilian-born UK-based artist Olivier Mourao pursues simplistic maximalist style in his practice. He aims to create intense moments of pure hedonism through a distinctive “closed eye” process. Spontaneity and simplicity play a key role in Mourao’s practice. He begins each artwork by drawing directly on a blank canvas with paint straight from the tube, then as part of his mixing process covers the paint and canvas with paper he has made by hand.

Mourao's life as an artist is an inspiration to many, from his early years as an acclaimed child portrait painter in Brazil, to his style-defining years during which he met Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon. Later becoming friends with Salvador and Gala Dalí who exerted a great influence on his work.

His newest exhibition „Amazon Love“ sheds a creative light on the majesty of the planet’s lung to a wider audience as it faces today’s threats – and a climatic tipping point.

Reflecting the rhythms of natural play, Mourão’s paintings and handmade mixed technique tell stories about organic temptation and natural attraction, in which an uncompromising attitude towards ancient and contemporary art can be found.

Interested in causing compassion and desire, he always conveys a sense of melancholy and generosity of spirit. People, objects and colours within his works have mass, a proximity to one another and a reflective quality.

Mourão wants to inspire people through his works and convey all the beauty, diversity and grandeur that the Amazon has, bringing information and environmental awareness to people, but especially children with an educational objective.

The message is unmistakable: To win the fight against the climate change, biodiversity and health crises, we must recognise and respect the beauty of nature and stand in solidarity to stop the destruction of the Amazon.

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