Exhibiting Gallery: Select Gallery

Set in the heart of Notting Hill, Select Gallery offers a range of multimedia contemporary artwork reflective of this vibrant West London borough.

Jayson Lilley works at the forefront of printmaking practices. This collection focuses on his fabulously unique and playful 'Pound/ Dollar' and 'Monopoly' series appropriating original notes and gameboards as his canvas and stylising them with iconic structures from the metropolis.

Amelia Coward creates carefully composed studies of spacial balance between geometric coloured elements. Her collages hold an overall sense of calm which upon closer inspection piques one’s curiosity as you discover streets, cities, countries within the detailed multiple raised dots.

Kate Verrion’s hyperrealist oils are a phenomenally accurate, defined depiction of nature. Each still life is painted in season and set in modern compositions. Using brushes made up of very few, super fine hairs, Kate is able to create rich and subtle detailing within each unique work.

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