Exhibiting Artist: Steve McPherson

Since 2007 Steve McPhersons primary source materials have been the discarded plastic objects that wash ashore on the Kent coast.

While it is impossible to ignore the environmental concerns present in his work, he draws analogies with his practice akin to the role of archaeologist/collector/and paradoxical treasure hunter. Through an alchemical processing of these remnants, he seeks to plunder personal and collective narratives and bring them back to the surface of memory for new consideration.

McPherson has exhibited internationally. His practice includes, assemblage, collections, sculpture, installation, bookworks, photography, and sound.

".... Not only do the works highlight the amount of debris in the sea.... the mysterious, the forgotten and lost. But these wreckage pieces symbolise the history of the world up to this point, they are contemporary and future archaeology. Each remnant acts as a conduit between potential, real and imaginary worlds, where personal and cultural memory reside. These are the objects of our lives; this is the material of the technologically advanced." Steve McPherson

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