Exhibiting Artist: Yang Zheng

Yang (Cecilia) is Beijing born, London based visual artist.

Yang began her professional art practice after attending the University of Arts in London. She has degrees in mathematics and finance and trained at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Yang founded The Soul Creation in 2020 to showcase her art and collaborate with inspirational creatives.

Yang is fascinated with energy, the life force that flows through and all around us, she is a qualified Reiki healer and meditation teacher, and she embeds this ancient wisdom into her work using symbols and motifs. Inspired by her travels, spiritual practice, and visions, she shares this knowledge with the viewer using oil, acrylic, and a harmonic, vibrant colour palette.

The energy from Yang’s art transmutes into healing, beauty, and hope, a bridge between the outer objective world and the higher realm, and brings thoughts, intuition, and positivity together as one, manifesting new prospects into life.

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