Exhibiting Artist: Kate Trafeli

Kate Trafeli is an American-British mixed media artist, currently based in North London after living and furthering her work in Piemonte, Italy for ten years. She received her arts degree (BA) in fine art painting and English literature at Gonzaga University (USA) with continued studies at Tulane University, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Michigan.

Colour theory, symbolist references, music, literature and synaesthesia inform Trafeli's work. Ranging from expressive abstract landscapes to symbolist explorations in layered colours and materials, her work defies simple categorisation. Trafeli is continually pushing her practice and collaborates with other artists; she also curates group exhibitions and is a guest lecturer in abstract intuitive painting in Devon, England.

Trafeli exhibits her work with galleries and independently in both solo and group exhibitions in the UK and abroad, and at curated fairs including the London Art Fair and StART at Saatchi Gallery.

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