Exhibiting Gallery: New Blood Art

Exhibiting Artists: Charlotte Brisland (UK), Sarah Shaw (UK), James Morton (UK), Llinos Owen (UK), Tia Taylor Berry (UK), Ed Saye (UK), Toni Cogdell (UK), Katherine Benson (UK), Thomas Cameron (Scotland), Ed Saye (UK), Sara Willett (UK), Aiden Milligan (Scotland), Jo Hummel (UK), Tyler Watson (UK), Orlanda Broom (UK), Lindsay Mapes (USA), Nicola Wiltshire (Scotland), Jan Valik (Slovakia), Emma-Louise Grady (Scotland), Ed Saye (UK), Hesi Glowacki (Poland), Emiko Aida (Japan).

New Blood Art is a space for emerging artists, just out of university, a launchpad for brilliant artists in their fledgling and early career stages. The gallery has been meeting with these artists and collectors since 2004.

Founder Sarah trained in art and art education, and New Blood Art curates like a physical gallery in an innovative online model to represent emerging artists. Things began, simply, with conversations: with artists, art tutors and a web developer. Since then Sarah has visited degree shows up and down the country every year, and New Blood Art’s inclusive focus on art schools and institutions across the UK has allowed for a unique representation of talent and promise.

Meeting with artists and tutors as they are presenting their final year shows, New Blood Art has kept to its core values, remaining focused on the qualities of the work the artists are making and the promise they hold as their practice develops.

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