Exhibiting Artist: Olivia de Posson

Olivia de Posson is an Energy artist.  Light is her language: bypassing words to communicate directly with the soul. Energy being invisible; how to describe Olivia? She plunges into the depths of the unconscious to discover the light within, choosing  vibrate bliss. Allowing each day to be sacred.

Allow, trust, let go. This is how she opens the channel to subtle realms, the source of infinite creativity.

FEELING the world as well as thinking it.

The high vibrations she receives carry unconditional love. She lets them diffuse, through her whole being, before conveying them through her hands.

COLOUR stands for the life force. The vibrant energy nourishing our souls.

MOVEMENT stands for the flow. The freedom that allows magic be part of the play.

Olivia perceives art beyond the object. It’s about people. Helping to feel and remember the enlightened beings we are deep inside. Opening hearts.

Presale for StART