Exhibiting Artist: Shahi Dayekh

Shahi holds an aesthetic appreciation for the beauty of the universe and natural world and is deeply inspired by cosmology, the collective unconscious, mythology and metaphysics.

Shahi's artwork draws inspiration from her continuous speculation of the tension that exists between the characters we often play on the 'world's stage' and the pull to connect with a deeper understanding of one’s higher purpose. Her paintings question the mysteries of human existence, draw on themes of femininity and masculinity in parallel to the natural world, and shed light on the sheer beauty in the complexity of being human.

She seeks to reflect her own life story in a way that allows her pieces to act as a portal to the individual stories of the viewers themselves.

The deeper one looks into the paintings, the more the art speaks to their spirit and resonates within, revealing a dynamic inner-world of unconscious fears, fantasies and desires.

Presale for StART