Exhibiting Artist: Studio K

Southeast Asia-based Kumari Nahappan is celebrated for her diverse artistic practice that encompasses painting, sculpture, and installation. Her unique ability to blend “international contemporary art” with her cultural roots has led to a distinctive visual identity. Notably, her iconic sculptures adorn prominent locations in Singapore and other cities worldwide.

Throughout her three-decade-long artistic journey, Kumari has exhibited her works internationally, including renowned museums and galleries in Tokyo, Seoul, Bali, Basel, Amsterdam,to name a few. Her monumental installation “Anahata” received critical acclaim at the Singapore Biennale 2013, featuring 4000kg of saga seeds.

Kumari’s artistic exploration extends to various international exhibitions, such as the “CHANTING: ROSARY” at ANIMA MUNDI International Art Festival in Venice, Italy, and her involvement in the Venice Biennale alongside the European Cultural Foundation. Notably, she crafted the captivating installation “Masala” for the Indian Heritage Centre in Singapore, celebrating a historical and cultural blend of spices.

As she continues her artistic journey, Kumari’s work remains an exceptional fusion of global influences and her profound cultural heritage, captivating audiences worldwide.

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